Moving your equipment and crew from Airport to Hotel and to Location needs to be planned and booked early. The hotel or apartments need to be sorted early too. You have the following options:

Crew Transport
  • Mercedes Car 4 seater for recces and stars transport
  • Chrysler Voyager 7 seater MPV for recces and stars or crew transport
  • 15 seater Minibus for large scale recces and crew transport
  • 52 seater Coach for crew transport with either 1 driver or 2 drivers if you are going to exceed drivers legal hours
  • 1.5 tonne Cargo truck with 12' long loading box with tail lift for luggage and equipment.

Facility Vehicles
  • Make up Vehicle with 2 or 3 Make up positions
  • Wardrobe Vehicle with Washing machines, Dryers, Clothes rails, Ironing boards etc
  • 3 Position Artists dressing rooms
  • American Trailers or Winnebagos
  • Dining Buses
  • Mobile Toilets
  • Mobile Production office
  • Camera Truck
Your Lighting Company will usually supply a vehicle for the Lights, stands, reflectors etc and the Generator. The Grip often provides his own van for Grip equipment, a crane will come in it's own vehicle, SFX and Sound usually have their own vans. Art department will also need a standby props vehicle, a dressing props vehicle and a construction vehicle.

Some vehicles have to work to government regulations about drivers working hours, so it may be necessary to employ two drivers to drive one vehicle if there is a lot of driving to be done. We will be sure to point out if your schedule looks as if it may need two drivers. Petrol and Diesel is expensive in Britain, some companies charge a fee based on miles driven, which can get costly. With akfilmservices where possible, all transport deals are done whereby the drivers have to provide receipts for fuel, and this must be reimbursed by the client as the fuel is purchased during the shoot.

akfilmservices use route planning computer software to provide an accurate estimate of fuel used before the shoot begins, so a good idea of fuel costs can be entered into the budget. Parking is often an expensive item in your location budget especially in Central London. It can cost a lot to park up a full unit. Try to make Central London shoots happen on Sunday, as parking is much easier to arrange.

Security on your vehicles is a requirement. Drivers need to be made aware that they are responsible for the security on their vehicles during shooting hours. At night, security will need to be arranged to keep watch on the trucks.