Often Indian Producers do not need much from the locations, usually they require exteriors only, and these are usually possible to arrange. We have had many years experience finding and securing locations. We can find the most mindblowing locations and we know about keeping costs down. We know the right people to speak to, and we know the right way to get permission to film.

akfilmservices will ensure that your paperwork is in order and provide contracts for employees, locations and equipment hire agreements. We will be able to ensure all UK taxes are paid, and your insurance is sufficient for any shoot, with stunts, cars, special effects or explosions.

There are British technicians who really like to work on Hindi movies, because they enjoy meeting film makers from other countries. akfilmservices has always chosen to employ people who are open to new ways of working, and are willing to learn from Indian film makers about their way of making films. We have accounts with major equipment suppliers, crane and grip companies and can get some great all in deals.

In conjunction with Kay Express, the importation of camera equipment can be organised. Kay Express also looks after the transport requirements while on Location, employing experienced and reliable drivers. We can obtain any vehicle you may wish to hire for action or for transporting crew and equipment. A deposit is payable against any damage, but you would be fully insured and legal.

In order to save excess baggage charges from the airlines, we can provide some of the equipment you may need. We can hire you playback speakers and amps, catering equipment and hot food boxes, first aid kits, clothes rails ironing boards and irons, chairs and tables, camera tripods etc.

Usually one of the highest costs incurred is accommodation. Hotels can be very expensive and require lots of notice if you have a large group. The best advice is to book early, and look at alternatives like self-catering flats, student accommodation or holiday chalets.