It is a legal requirement when filming anywhere in the UK to have Public Liability Insurance. Most location owners and local councils will want to verify your insurance before permitting any filming. Also you will need Employers insurance if you are using any UK crew, and Hired Equipment insurance if you want to hire any Grip, lighting or camera equipment.

akfilmservices policy with an insurance company which ensures that clients of akfilmservices have all the cover they need for filming anywhere in the world. The minimum insurance package offered gives public liability cover up to 1,000,000, Employee insurance cover up to 10,000,000 and hired equipment cover up to 50,000.The minimum public liability insurance is cover up to 1M. This ensures that if any member of the public is injured, or any damage is caused to a location by the actions of an employee of akfilmservices or the client, then the insurance company will pay damages. Increased cover may be needed for some locations, or for some scenes, especially if they have stunts or special effects sequences.

Employers insurance covers any employees hired in the UK by akfilmservices on behalf of the clients up to 10M in case of an accident resulting in injury of death of an employee. Hired equipment cover up to the value of 60,000 is necessary to cover damage or theft of any equipment hired in the UK by akfilmservices on behalf of clients.

These three policies are available at a cost of 150 per day for a shoot in the UK or Europe.

You will need special cover at an increased cost for any of the following risks:

  • Increased Public Liability Cover for some locations (Palaces, shopping centres, public buildings etc)
  • Action Vehicle Cover if an actor needs to drive a car in shot.
  • Props and Set insurance, to cover hired in props or set builds
  • Special Action insurance to cover Stunts, Helicopters, Aircraft, SFX etc.
  • Negative insurance in case your Negative gets spoiled.